Manually stoked boilers

Manually stoked boilers will guarantee one of the lowest heating costs at a reasonable price.

Our boilers are easy to operate. And they have a large hopper so that you don't have to refill very often. 

If you were attracted by the idea of arriving home to a heated house, because the boiler self-ignites and self-feeds. We recommend our automatic boilers.

Coal boiler
  • EKO design

A brown coal boiler with manual feeding is easy to maintain and ensures one of the lowest heating costs.

  • Fuel

    Brown coal

  • Product / output

    H4EKO-U / 16 kW

    H4EKO-U / 20 kW

    H4EKO-U / 25 kW


From 26 800 EUR w/o VAT
Wood boiler with manual feeding
  • EKO design

The OPOP wood gasification boiler H4EKO-D with manual feeding guarantees one of the lowest heating costs.

  • Fuel

    Dry wood

  • Output

    16 kW
    20 kW
    25 kW

From 41 190 EUR w/o VAT

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