H4EKO-D wood boiler

Wood boilers with manual loading
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H4EKO‑D MAX 25 – 55 kW wood boiler with manual loading


The gasification boiler for wood with manual loading has an efficiency of up to 90.5%, is ecological and has a large loading chamber where logs longer than 0.5 m can be burned.


Dry wood


25 kW

35 kW

42 kW

49 kW

55 kW

Výhody kotle

Minimum emissions

5th emission class and minimum harmful emissions.

Money in the house 

The high efficiency of the solid fuel boiler saves heating costs.

Control unit

The electronic control unit controls the entire heating system.

Easy operation

The boiler has a large loading chamber and is intended for burning wood even half a meter long.

Simple setting and operation of the boiler, which is already set to the required output from the factory. Before flooding, all you have to do is set the primary and secondary air flaps to the marked line and you can start heating with certainty of the required output.

Modulated fan speed - the fan modulates its speed from 0% to a maximum of 100%. The output is thus adjusted according to the actual and required water temperature in the system.

Electronic control unit - the control unit can control not only the boiler, but also all elements of the heating system. So you don't have to pay extra for superior modules controlling mixing valves, hot water heating or storage tank. Everything is provided by the boiler control unit itself.

Possibility to connect to the web - for an additional fee, the boiler can be connected to the Internet and monitor its operation, history or change settings via phone or PC.

The boiler includes a cooling loop that protects the boiler against overheating.

Fuel burn-out signaling in the loading chamber - a message about running out of fuel is displayed in the upper right corner of the control unit display. The customer thus knows without any problem when he can open the boiler and add fuel. In addition, when you connect the boiler to the Internet, you can see the display of fuel burning out of fuel on your mobile phone.

Adding fuel without smoke in the boiler room - when the exhaust flap is opened, the fan speeds up and it then sucks the smoke from the loading chamber into the chimney through the flap. This takes about 10 to 20 seconds, after which you can open the door without smoke escaping into the room.

The boiler is able to maintain a steady-burning layer - in this case, the customer has a choice. Either it can quickly heat the water in the storage tank with maximum boiler output and perfect combustion with high efficiency and maximum fuel utilization. Which will bring him, for example, one day without the need for flooding in the boiler. The second option is to try to keep the hot layer in the boiler as long as possible so that the boiler does not go out.

The boiler is easy to maintain and clean thanks to simple access to the heat exchanger.

Economical and ecological operation

The boiler has a high efficiency of up to 90.2%, which means efficient use of fuel energy.

Low wood consumption together with a large loading chamber reduce the frequency of adding fuel.

The storage tank will further reduce the loading frequency, when its connection is a necessary for the correct operation of the boiler.

Boiler meets the conditions of ecodesign and 5th emission class.

High-quality combustion produces very low emissions even without the use of a lambda probe or other devices.

Long life

Electronic elements with a long  life are used in the boiler.

5-year warranty on the heat exchanger when the boiler is installed by a trained installation company in accordance with the operating instructions.

Protection of the combustion chamber - the loading chamber of the boiler is equipped with protection plates that protect the heat exchanger from the effects of fumes created in the loading chamber.



Type of wood boiler  


Nominal output kW 25 35 42 49 55
Guarantee fuel / wood wood wood wood wood
Emission class 303-5:2013   5 5 5 5 5
Maximum log length cm 53 53 53 53 53
Fuel consumption kg/h 6,03 8,9 10,8 12,5 14,2
Efficiency % 90,5 89,5 89,1 90 90
Flue gas temperature at nominal heating output °C 109,6 133 153 140 143
Burning time h 4 4 4 4 4
Water volume l 145 145 145 161 161
Fuel shaft volume l 137 170 170 201 201
Required chimney draft mbar 0,12 0,19 0,17 0,18 0,18
Maximum heating water pressure bar 2 2 2 2 2
Maximum water temperature  °C 85 85 85 85 85
Minimum return water temperature °C 65 65 65 65 65
Weight kg 510 510 510 570 570
Filing space dimensions mm 400x340 400x450 400x450 400x450 400x450
A Boiler height mm 1411 1411 1411 1551 1551
B Boiler depth mm 1283 1283 1283 1323 1321
C Boiler width mm 670 670 670 670 670
D Flue location mm 607 607 607 607 607
E water inlet location mm 102 102 102 102 102
F water outlet location mm 1324 1324 1324 1324 1324
H Cooling loop location mm 628 628 628 768 768
J Location of drain valve mm 97 97 97 97 97
Outlet/inlet sleeve (male thread)   G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" G 1 1/4"
Cooling loap connection   G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2"
Draining and filling connection   G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2" G  1/2"
Flue diameter mm 130 130 130 130 130


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