Coal boilers

Do you want an efficient coal boiler that is easy to operate and soon warms up the whole house?

Our coal boiler with manual feeding has an efficiency of up to 84%, low electricity consumption and fall into the class 4 emission category.

Another advantage is its large hopper so that you don't have to refill too often. However, if you are thinking about using a new boiler subsidy, we recommend that you also check our wood boilers.

Coal boiler
  • EKO design

A brown coal boiler with manual feeding is easy to maintain and ensures one of the lowest heating costs.

  • Fuel

    Brown coal

  • Product / output

    H4EKO-U / 16 kW

    H4EKO-U / 20 kW

    H4EKO-U / 25 kW


From 26 800 EUR w/o VAT

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