Combined boilers for solid fuels

Combined solid fuel boilers allow you to combine manual and automatic stoking, as well as heat sources. Whether you prefer it as a source of coal or wood, pellet heating will offer you many benefits.

What are they? 

Pellets are one of the cheapest heat sources, that even stays below electricity and gas prices. Additionally, they enable boiler automation, which can self-ignite and self-dose the pellets forlong period.

Thanks to the outdoor sensor, the boilers can maintain a stable temperature inside the house and it is not a problem to regulate them remotely using mobile phone or computer.


Combined boiler for pellets and wood
  • EKO design

The combined boiler for pellet and wood allows you to variably change the heating sources exactly according to your needs.

  • Fuel

    Wood pellets 6 - 8 mm

    Dry wood

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Boilers for pellets and coal
  • EKO design

Economical and simple boiler with which you can combine two heating sources. 

  • Fuel

    Brown coal

    Wooden pellets 6 - 8 mm

  • Product




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