BIOPEL KOMBI combined boiler

Combined boiler for pellets and wood

BIOPEL KOMBI combined boiler

EKO design

The combined boiler for pellet and wood allows you to variably change the heating sources exactly according to your needs.


Wood pellets 6 - 8 mm

Dry wood

Boiler set
You can get two boilers that work together.
Minimum emissions
Emission class 5 and meeting ecodesign conditions.
Czech tradition
Since starting boiler production in 1959, we have gained generations of experience.
Cost Saving
The solid fuel boiler's high efficiency saves heating costs.

The KOMBI boiler is a set of HEKO-D and Biopel V9 PREMIUM boilers. However, you only need one chimney and when the wood burns out, the boiler switches to pellet heating.


The boiler operation is easy

  • The set is easily controlled by the control unit on the boiler.
  • Thanks to the pellet boiler automatic ignition, it can be completely switched off in the period when you do not need heat.
  • The boiler is easily calibrated according to the current quality of the pellets. All you have to do is set the amount of pellets provided by the feeder to the boiler in the specified time and the boiler is already working according to the instructions.
  • You can control it with a mobile phone application or from your PC and on the boiler display, because all Biopel boilers even enable an Internet connection in the basic version.
  • After filling the container with pellets, it heats on its own for up to 3 days.
  • The boiler can maintain a stable temperature thanks to an outdoor sensor that knows the outside temperature.

The operation is economic

  • It has an efficiency of up to 94 %, belonging to emission class 5 and meeting ecodesign conditions.

The size of the boiler is small.

  • The pellet boilers assembly with a compact container can fit even the smallest boiler rooms
  • The burner can be placed on the right or left side of the pellet boiler
  • Biopel boilers will cover the needs of both modern low-energy houses, schools and hospitals.

And has a long service life