Boilers for pellets and coal

The modern combined pellet and coal boiler is ideal for everyone who does not want to give up coal for any reason, but, on the other hand, like the benefits that pellets provide.

Which are they? 

Combined boilers are one of the cheapest heating sources, which even stays below electricity and gas prices. In addition, they enable the boiler’s automation, which can self-ignite and self-dose the pellets over a long period.

Thanks to the outdoor sensor, the boiler can maintain a stable temperature inside the house and it is no problem to remotely regulate it using your mobile phone or computer. It is easily controlled by the control unit on the boiler, has an efficiency of up to 94%, meets ecodesign conditions, falls into the class 4 or 5 emission category.

Boilers for pellets and coal
  • EKO design

Economical and simple boiler with which you can combine two heating sources. 

  • Fuel

    Brown coal

    Wooden pellets 6 - 8 mm

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