Automatic coal boilers

Intelligent automatic coal boilers combine a well-known heating source and modern technology.

Very high efficiency up to 94%. They fall into the class 4 emission category and meet ecodesign conditions.

They are easy to operate and the coal boiler regulates itself according to the outdoor temperature, ensuring your home has a warm stable temperature.

The automatic pellet boilers are another interesting option, which have long been one of the cheaper fuels, and you can also obtain a boiler subsidy.

Coal boiler
  • EKO design

Combine modern technology and brown coal heating to create the H8-A coal boiler.



  • Fuel

    Brown coal

  • Product / output

    H815-A / 15 kw

    H824-A / 24 kW

    H835-A / 35 kW

    H845-A / 45 kW

From 65 800 EUR w/o VAT
Black coal boiler
  • EKO design

The intelligent automatic coal boiler combines classic heating with modern technologies that guarantee high efficiency.

  • Fuel

    Black coal

  • Product / output

    H815-C / 15 kW

    H824-C / 24 kW

    H835-C / 35 kW

    H845-C / 45 kW

From 67 400 EUR w/o VAT

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