RT10 Room thermostat

Accessories for OPOP boilers

RT10 Room thermostat

Set the desired temperature in your household directly from the house or apartment — no need to do anything else.

RT 10 Universal room thermostat is designed to control and monitor room temperature, central heating temperature and DHW temperature. The device contains a weekly heating programme and works with four mixing valves (using other equipment) and includes a parental lock to protect against unwanted setting changes.

The thermostat has an easy-to-read large graphic colour touch screen that makes it easy to read and change thermostat parameters.

Furthermore, you can change the temperatures of both the boiler and, for example, individual heating circuit temperature, storage container, DHW tank and so on.

The package also includes a structure that facilitates wall mounting.

If the boiler is connected to the Internet, it's also possible to remotely change the temperature in the building using a free application on your phone.