BIOPEL 150-200 pellet boiler

Pellet boiler
EKO design

BIOPEL 150 – 200 pellet boiler


The intelligent BIOPEL 150 – 200 pellet boiler has a high output and low consumption. What else could you ask for.



Wood pellets 6 — 8 mm


150 kW

200 kW

BIOPEL 150 – 200 boiler advantages

Remote control

Possibility to control the boiler using a mobile phone or computer.

Two heating circuits

The boiler heats large areas and controls two heating circuits.

Easy maintenance

The boiler has compressor cleaning.

Cost Saving

The solid fuel boiler’s high efficiency saves heating costs.

Easy Operation

  • It also controls two heating circuits simultaneously.
  • The boiler is easily calibrated according to the current quality of the pellets. All you have to do is set the amount of pellets provided by the feeder to the boiler in the specified time and the boiler is already working according to the instructions.
  • You can control it with a mobile phone application or from your computer and you can easily set the boiler control unit on the display, because all Biopel boilers even enable an Internet connection in the basic version.
  • Its intelligent settings can balance temperature differences to maintain a stable temperature.
  • 2 m long pellet feeder for all power lines included in the price.
  • You can adjust it according to the outdoor temperature to balance the temperature differences and ensure a stable temperature inside the building.

Economic operation

  • It has an efficiency of up to 95.5 %, belonging to emission class 5 and meeting ecodesign conditions.
  • They can be connected in a cascade of up to four, which increases the overall performance and operation variability.
  • All boilers are equipped with combustion product turbulators to increase efficiency.


technical parameters
Nominal thermal output [kW] 150 200
Measured nominal output [kW] 154,5 201,4
Measured minimal output [kW] 44,5 59,9
Efficiency [%] 91,8 95,5
Boiler class according to EN 303-5:2013   5 5
Prescribed fuel   wood pellets 6-8mm
Fuel consumption (measured nominal output) [kg/hod] 35,2 45
Fuel consumption (measured minimal output) [kg/hod] 10,3 13,9
Maximum heating water service temperature [°C] 85 85
Minimum heated water temperature [°C] 70 70
Minimum return water temperature [°C] 65 65
Flue gas temperature [°C] 92,6 93,5
Minimum flue gas temperature [°C] 70 70
Required chimney draught [Pa] 10-15
Maximum water service pressure [MPa] 2 2
Minimum water service pressure [MPa] 1,5 1,5
Maximum water test pressure [MPa] 4 4
Connecting voltage [V/Hz] 230V/50Hz  ±10%
Electricity consumption operating/max. [W] 243/543
Combustion products mass flow (nominal output) [g/s] 68,100 84,717
Combustion products mass flow (minimal output) [g/s] 32,300 44,373
Boiler weight without water [kg] 1740 2133
Boiler weight with water [kg] 2690 3323
Boiler water capacity [ l ] 950 1190
Operational chimney draught [Pa] 9,3 6,1
Noise level [dB] 59 - 76
Combustion products mass flow at nominal output [kg/s] 0,068 0,085
Electrical protection   IP 20 IP 20
Boiler body wall thickness (water/flame) [mm] 5 5
Boiler body wall thickness (water) [mm] 6 6


T - Funnel type:  Outlet (inner thread) Js G 2 1/2"
T1 - Funnel type:  Intlet (inner thread) Js G 1 1/2"
T2 - Connection for draining and filling (inner thread) Js G 1"
A - Total maximum boiler width including hoses [mm] 1560
A1 - Total maximum width (only boiler) [mm] 1198
B - Total maximum boiler depth including hoses and burner [mm] 2422 2822
B1 - Total maximum boiler depth (only boiler) [mm] 2060 2460
B2 - Total maximum boiler depth with open door (front+rear) [mm] 3700 4100
C - Total maximum boiler height [mm] 1919
D - Burner cover depth [mm] 376 376
D1 - Burner cover height [mm] 579 579
D2 - Burner cover width [mm] 522 522
E - Fume duct position from the ground [mm] 1886
E1 - Fume duct position from side cover [mm] 538
E2 - Fume duct position from rear cover [mm] 224
E3 - Fume duct diameter [mm] 199
F - Outlet water funnel location from rear cover [mm] 676
F1 - Outlet water funnel location from side cover [mm] 217
G - Inlet water funnel location from rear cover [mm] 606
G1 - Inlet water funnel location from side cover [mm] 70
H - Water drain/filling funnel location from front cover [mm] 1211 1309
H1 -Water drain/filling funnel location from the ground [mm] 181
I - Pneumatic cleaning funnel location from the ground [mm] 1478
I1 - Pneumatic cleaning funnel location from side cover [mm] 220
I2 - Pneumatic cleaning funnel      
K - Compressor      
L - Lambda sensor      
M - Biopel burner socket      
N - Control unit