Cascade control

Accessories for OPOP boilers

Cascade control

The cascade control is an ideal solution for large apartment buildings. It enables controlling and administering up to 4 boilers simultaneously. You then control your boilers as one large boiler, therefore saving time and money.

The cascade control enables you to control up to 4 pellet boilers as if it were 1 large boiler.

This means that it controls the operation of the individual boilers so that they all operate for the same time and, simultaneously switches them off and on according to the current boiler room output requirement.

With a high demand for hot water consumption or temperature in the building, it starts all boilers one after another. If the temperature in the building is reached, the control switches off the boiler gradually so that the boiler room output always corresponds to the current situation in the heated building.

Pellet consumption is therefore more efficient, especially in large boiler rooms with outputs of hundreds of kW.