Pellet stove LP6 SE/SA STANDARD

Pellet stove LP6 SE/SA STANDARD
EKO design

Pellet stove LP6 SE/SA STANDARD


The heating in the stove is fully automatic and provides high comfort in local pellet heating, ideal for a transitional period. It offers very simple control of the control unit and can be controlled using a remote controller.

We deliver stoves in two basic design versions, in the colors of sandstone and serpentine.

  • The voluminous hopper for 35 kg of pellets will allow you to heat up to 3 days without loading.
  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing of pellets in the burner without any user intervention. 
  • The touch screen allows you to set up to five power levels.
  • Daily and weekly heating programs can be set.

Wooden pellets 6 mm


6 kW

Stove advantage

Modern technology and design

Current technologies go hand in hand with product design.

Money in the house

The high efficiency of the stove saves heating costs.

Czech tradition

Since 1959, we have accumulated generations of experience in the production of boilers.

Minimum emissions

5th emission class and meeting the conditions for ecodesign.

Ease of use and comfort

  • The 35 kg pellet tank ensures operation for up to 3 days without loading, which ensures maximum user comfort. 
  • Automatic ignition - the LP6 stove is capable of igniting the pellets in the burner by itself without any user intervention and thus starting the operation of the stove, it can also let the pellets in the burner go out by themselves.
  • The touch screen allows you to set up to five power levels to achieve the desired thermal comfort.
  •  Convenient control even from the couch thanks to the remote control.
  • Accumulator stone prolongs the radiation of heat into the room, thus saving consumption of pellets and the costs.
  • Daily and weekly heating programs can be set exactly to the customer's requirements.
  •  Enables two modes of operation - on/off or power modulation.
  •  Can be connected to the central air system in case of recuperation or low-energy house. Stoves are thus an excellent additional heating source suitable for all types of buildings
  •  Double doors for even safer operation. The cast-iron ones separate the combustion chamber from the surroundings, and the glass ones complement the overall design and unobstructed view of the flame.
  •  Simple maintenance and cleaning of the stove.
  •  The stove is equipped with a system for automatic cleaning of the burner grate during operation thanks to the fan.
  •  Easily removable ash tray.
  •  Quiet operation for undisturbed moments of peace and relaxation.

Economical and ecological operation

  •  High stove efficiency of up to 87.3% ensures efficient use of fuel energy.
  •  Fast air heating together with low consumption of pellets is a guarantee of savings on heating costs.
  •  The stove satisfy the 5th emission class rules and meets the conditions of ecodesign.
  •  Switches based on the desired room temperature.
  •  Automatically regulates temperature and consumption.

Modern design

  • Decoration and integral part of the interior.
  •  Choice of two standard design versions SERPENTINE AND SANDSTONE
  •  Possibility to order and choose from another 4 design variants.
  •  Constantly clean glass thanks to the special blowing system ensures an unobstructed view of the flame.
  •  The stove has a reduced depth and thus extends less into the space.

Long life

  • Combustion chamber made of high-quality steel.
  •  Burner grate made of durable stainless steel.
  •  5 year warranty on the heat exchanger.


Technical parameters
Thermal output range [kW] 2,6-6,5
Efficiency [%] 87,3
Total height [mm] 1101
Width [mm] 931
Depth [mm] 396
Weight [kg] 209
Tank volume (pellets 6mm) [kg] 35
Chimney throat [mm] 80
Air inlet throat [mm] 50
Min. operating draft of the chimney [Pa] 10-15
Heating capacity of the living space (depending on the degree of insulation of the building) [m3] 50 - 220
Electrical power [V/Hz] 230/50
Average electricity consumption energy [W] 25
Electrical fuse [cm] 2,5
Fuel consumption at min ~ max heat output [kg/hod] >07/1,6
Average flue gas temperature behind the throat [°C] 143
Flue gas mass flow rate [g/s] 6,5
CO content at 13% O2 [%] 0,018
Noise level [dB] Nepřesahuje hladinu 50 dB
Energy class [-] A+
Technical data
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