We have prepared a new line of Biopel MINI pellet boilers.

Small size, big performance

We have prepared a new line of Biopel MINI pellet boilers, which are small in size but extremely powerful. Biopel MINI boilers from OPOP are characterised by high heating comfort and simple operation using a touch screen or telephone.

Biopel MINI
Small but strong

Biopel MINI pellet boilers excel in very small dimensions. With a width from 71 cm, they can fit in the narrowest places. Despite their small size, however, they provide sufficiently large output from 11 to 40 kW. It comfortably heats the family house and saves valuable space, which is never enough.

High comfort

At OPOP, we know that no one enjoys taking care of a boiler. In addition to small dimensions and high efficiency, the Biopel MINI series is characterised by high comfort of use. Boilers can be controlled from virtually anywhere using a smartphone.

Thanks to the ingenious boiler design and easy access to the exchanger and burner, any maintenance is fast and easy. In addition, Biopel MINI PLUS CA pellet boilers are equipped from the factory with an installed compressor  burner and heat exchanger cleaning and automatic ash removal, both of which further reduce maintenance requirements.

Ecology and saving

Thanks to very high efficiency of up to 93.7%, both pellet and emissions consumption are very low and the boiler operation is not only cost-effective but also ecological. It goes without saying that the boiler belongs to emission class 5 and meets ecodesign conditions.

High durability

At OPOP. we have been producing solid fuel boilers for more than 60 years. During that time, we have gained a lot of experience so that you can always rely on our boilers. We provide a 5-year warranty for each boiler. Learn more