Custom manufacturing

Our OPOP machines and minds can work for you

We have been engaged in custom manufacturing of sheet metal parts since 2010.

We are producing the unique products of purely custom character, but we also deal with series production with the possibility of storing it with us.

What do we offer
Design of unique products
We process the products based on the supplied technical documentation or we also offer the possibility of engineering the documentation.
Production of customised parts and units
We produce sheet metal parts, boiler units, weldments, special steel and stainless steel boxes and burnouts.
Storage of your order
Your order may stay with us for a while.
Our work requires precision, strength and a clean head.
Some machines have specific controls.
Our equipment

What machinery we have?

CNC lasers, cutting presses and press brakes, welding booths, spot welding machines, several powder and wet paint shops, screen printing, tools for punch pressing according to your requirements ... We also handle galvanising, anodising, blackening and other techniques from an external supplier.


What material we process?

Stainless steel, galvaniaed steel, black sheet metal, to a lesser extent aluminium. We work with sheets up to 4 m long. More than 90% of custom production is exported to the Western market, especially Germany, Switzerland, England, USA, Canada, but in recent years, Czech customers have also started using our products.

Finn Power E6
Finn Power E6 - CNC cutting press: It enables the processing of sheets up to 4 mm thick and with dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm, both for classic cutting and forming special punch pressing.
TruBend 5130
TruBend 5130 - press brake: The most modern hydraulic press with four-axis buffers, hydraulic tool clamping and CNC crowning. Bending length 3000 mm at a pressure of 130 tons.
AMADA - press brake: Maximum bending length 1250 mm, Maximum pressing force 50 tons
Holzkraft vertical band saw
Vacuum handling equipment: Designed for handling sheet metal with a maximum bearing capacity of 500 kg
Rotolaser - divider
Fibre laser, divider
Powder paint plant - Komaxitovna: Can apply powder paints according to the RAL colour chart

Are you interested in custom products?

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