GSM Module

Accessories for OPOP boilers

GSM Module

The GSM module is a mediator between the boiler and your mobile phone. It records the boiler values, informing you about it, and you can control the boiler remotely via the phone.

The GSM module enables an easy control of the boiler using a SIM card in your mobile phone.

In locations where no Internet signal is available, you can still control the boiler and monitor its basic operation using this mode. 


  • SMS message will inform you about each boiler control alarm.
  • To check the boiler, all you have to do is send a text message with a sent answer informing you on the current temperature of all sensors.
  • You can change the desired temperature of any circuit.
  • You can also remotely switch the boiler on or off.

If an Internet signal is available in the location, we recommend using the Internet module, enabling a wide range of functions and representing a more complex option of remote management of your heating system.